Most Common Mistakes Men are Doing When Doing Pull Ups

Pull ups are widely used when it comes to getting bigger, thicker and stronger back. Despite being a classic exercise, a lot of men still commit mistakes in executing the routine. As a result, they end up with not so satisfying results and an increased risk of injuries.

Most Common Mistakes Men are Doing When Doing Pull Ups

If you are new to this exercise or you’re aren’t sure if you are doing it properly, here’s a quick list of the most common mistakes related to pull ups.

Misuse of momentum

Pull ups can be a bit difficult for beginners and they often end up finding ways to lighten up the routine. One of these ways is using excessive momentum. Quickly dropping back into the starting position using gravity is one good example. Another way is by swinging the legs and chin before pulling the body up.

These things are still acceptable if you haven’t built the right strength yet to pull yourself up. If you do have the strength, make sure to pull yourself up in straight up and down motions to limit your risk of injuries. It can also help you get the most out of your workout and the results you’re aiming for.

Failure to use full range of motion

Doing 20 or more pull ups won’t really make any difference if they aren’t done properly. When doing the exercise make sure that you are not hurrying the routine or doing half a pull up at a time. It can be a good exercise for your arms but it will not help you work on the muscles on your back.

A full range of motion, when it comes to pull ups, means starting from dead hanging from the pull bar and pulling your chin above the bar. This makes it important that you select the right door and equipment for the exercise. When buying a pull up bar, keep in mind the height of the door you’ll be installing it on. It should be high enough that your feet won’t interfere with your routine and low enough that you don’t hit your head with every pull up.

Starting at the wrong position

Moving up and down the pull bar can look easy at first glance. However, to ensure your safety, you have to start and end the routine with the right position. When doing pull ups, make sure that you are tensing the muscles on your arms and the back with every single pull up. It’s also essential that you keep your body as straight as possible when doing the routine. Avoid placing your elbows too far out or you will end up putting a lot of stress on your biceps and forearm muscles.

Kicking your legs with every pull up

Kicking the legs while pulling up is a common mistake for beginners. This is actually in their attempt to make the routine easier. In reality, it doesn’t really help with the exercise; it actually puts them at risk of pulling a muscle, dislocating joints and other injuries.

Twisting your body and lower extremities can happen as you pull up. Don’t feel frustrated if you can’t keep your lower body in a completely stationary position.

Pulling with hands instead of elbows

When you’re working on your back muscles, you have to keep in mind to always pull using your elbows. This goes for most types of exercises intended for the back. One good tip is to change your perspective. Instead of focusing on bringing your chin above the bar, concentrate on pulling your elbows towards the floor as you pull up.
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