6 popular myths about belly fat you should know

With the so much competition between having a big tummy and being lean and obtaining a "6 pack" abs, there exist several myths about belly fat that i think you should get acquainted with. It is sad to say, that many have been misguided by the misinformation surrounding belly fat loss. The best way to lose belly fat is to combine increased physical exercise with sound nutrition. Look out for these belly fat myths and focus on what really matters to reach your weight loss goals.

Myths surrounding belly fat loss

1. The use of Ab devices
Nearly every television channel runs advertisements for ab devices that supposedly burn belly fat away almost effortlessly. Outside of the professional models demonstrating the effectiveness of these products, it seems unlikely that anyone has ever achieved any belly fat loss with these products, which shamelessly prey upon gullibility and the desire for an easy answer.

2. Spot reduction
This myth states that if you do hundreds or thousands of sit-ups or crunches you will get a defined midsection. According to “Combat the Fat” author Jeff Anderson, new research may support spot reduction of belly fat. However, this occurs only to a small extent when you follow abdominal training with cardiovascular exercise, which may prompt the body to burn more belly fat.

3. Just exercise
Few people can lose belly fat with exercise alone. Some believe that if they exercise enough, they can eat anything they want. For the genetically blessed this may be true, but most people must combine physical exercise with a metabolically targeted diet.

4. High intensity cardio
Many claim you can only burn body fat by doing high-intensity cardio. However, high intensity tends to increase the amount of muscle tissue and carbohydrates used as fuel, according to best-selling fitness author Jeff Anderson. If you reduce to medium to low intensity cardio you can burn more calories directly from fat. Interval training is much better.

5. Blocking cortisol

Many products claim that simply blocking the stress hormone cortisol will burn away the belly fat. While true that high stress can increase cortisol production, slowing fat burning and increasing fat storage, it does not follow that simply decreasing stress levels will cause belly fat loss.

6. No-carb dieting
Many assert that no-carbohydrate diets are the only way to quickly and successful lose belly fat. However, a low-carb diet is much better. This means taking in few enough carbs to use a significant amount of body fat as energy, without cutting carbs from the diet completely.

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