4 benefits you will derive from having great girlfriends

health benefits of having great girlfriends

For most ladies, no matter how much fun it is to spend time with a man can actually be, they cannot compare it to being around their girlfriends. Besides the fun, the benefits goes beyond sharing great laughs, gossips and wine. While the daily workouts makes you to look fit, friendship among ladies arguably contributes more to their health and we shall be looking at some reasons why it is so.

4 health benefits of having great girlfriends

1. They relieve stress
Females have a way of responding to stress (either by nurturing or protecting) among themselves while they "befriend", because they look for support, especially they always have a feeling of empathy for each other. In other words, supportive female friends will lead to lower stress and eventually better health.

2. They boost self esteem
Strong friendships are often built upon shared beliefs, which enable girls to feel mutual love for one another. This emotional connection is what friends use to empower each other in times of distress. Although many studies warn of falling into comparison traps with our female friends, research shows that women with close female friendships are less likely to feel envious or insecure when making these comparisons. In fact, these friendships play a role in boosting tolerance, empathy and self-confidence.

3. They kill loneliness
This just sounds obvious, but there is more to it. Scientific studies suggest that people who are lonely are at a greater risk of developing health issues like heart disease. Having your good friends around when you are hit with the blues or a bit of loneliness will increase your chances of living a healthy life.

4. They help you live longer
People with strong social connections have a 50% lower chance of dying up to five years earlier than those with fewer social ties, according to a 2010 study at Brigham Young University. So ladies, get your squad in formation for some much needed girl-time. Your health depends on it!

As  lady, if this methods are working for you, your contributions will be needed by making your comments below.
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