10 important tips to maintain your mental health

maintaining your mental health

The mental health of every individual should be placed on top priority, because if there is a decline in this particular area, it can go as far as affecting the overall health of such person. The month of May is regarded as a mental awareness month, where so many issues regarding mental health care are been presented and discussed. If you are opportune to be in a seminar where topics on mental health are discussed, then you will actually know what i am talking about.

Definition of mental health

Mental health can simply be defined as "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with normal stress of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community".

From this definition, you will find out that most people in the world today are in a condition which is typically opposite from being mentally healthy. These may be as a result of the circumstances that are surrounding their everyday life. In most situation, the difficulties that are been experienced by such person at that period can be so overwhelming, which makes them to lose focus and hardly concentrate on anything. In all their efforts, the quest to get better seems like a wild goose chase. But there is a good news, if you know you are suffering from depression or not being mentally fit, here are some important tips for you to maintain your mental health.

10 important tips to stay mentally healthy

1. Place value on your particular self
The best way to fight depression is by placing value in your own self. Treat yourself with respect and kindness, and try as much as possible to avoid self criticism. Create time for yourself to engage in your hobbies and projects that you cherished most. Do the things that you love, never say never, do not give up on all your endeavours. In all you do, believe you are the best at what you do.

2. Take care of your physical self
Taking care of your body or your physical self as a whole can go a long way in improving your mental health. Below, i listed some ways you can easily achieve this.

  • Always eat nutritious meal
  • Avoid smoking
  • Drink a whole lot of water (do not get dehydrated)
  • Exercise, this helps to decrease depression and anxiety. It also improves mood.
  • Get enough sleep. Researchers believe that lack of sleep contributes to a high rate of depression in college students.

3. Surround yourself with the right people or positive support

If you will check in the world today, you will discover that people that have a strong family or social connections are more healthier than those who lack a support network. It is very obvious in Nigeria where i come from. You should endeavour to always surround yourself with positive family members and friends, or look for avenues where you can meet new people, such as in clubs, events, class or support groups. 

4. Volunteerism (give out yourself)
Volunteer your time, skill and energy to help someone or people in need. You will discover that in doing this act, you will always feel good about yourself because you are actually putting smile in the faces of people. It is also a great way to socialize and meet new class of people. 

5. Learn how to deal with stress           
As a human, whether we like it or not, we must always encounter stress in one way or another. It is a part of life as long as we live. Encountering stress on a daily basis does not give you the privilege to get choked up with it, you should learn how to practice good coping skills. You can adopt meditation (do tai chi), exercise, take a stroll, play with your pet or try to spend your time writing an article. All these can be used as a stress reducer. Another best way of dealing with stress is by engaging in laughter. Research shows that laughter is capable of boosting your immune system, ease your pain, relax your body and reduces your overall stress. 

6. Quiet your mind
Take your time to meditate on things, be mindful or you can simply engage in prayers. Relaxation exercises and prayers can improve your state of mind and general outlook. Most research have discovered that meditation can help you feel calm, which enhances the effect of therapy.

7. Set realistic goals
Always set your goals and make plans towards achieving them. Make decision on what you want to achieve professionally, academically and personally, and write down the steps you will like to adopt in order to realize your goals. Always aim high, but let it be realistic. Following these steps, you will enjoy a tremendous sense of accomplishment and self-worth as your aim at your goals.

8. Break up the monotony
Although our normal routines makes us more efficient and enhance our feelings of safety and security, but we need to break up the monotony, even though it might be tedious. You can alter your jogging route, take a walk in a different park, plan a road trip, try a different restaurant, just do something new. 

9. Avoid drugs and alcohol
Avoid the use of hard drugs, and if you want to drink alcohol, you should keep it to the barest minimum. Most times people use alcohol and some other drugs to fight depression, but looking at reality, alcohol and other hard drugs only aggravates your problem. 

10. Seek for help when you need it
Whenever you need help, please seek for one as soon as possible. Seeking for a help is a sign of strength and not weakness. And it also important to remember that treatment is effective. People who receive appropriate care can recover easily from mental illness and substance abuse disorders. They can eventually live a normal and rewarding lives on the long run. 

Maintaining your mental health can be easy as just following these 10 important tips, but to some people, it might just be a starter and they will be requiring more tips. You can easily consult your private health care practitioner for more additional guidelines.
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