Health benefits of having friends

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Who is friend? A friend can be defined as a close companion who is not related to you. That is, he or she is neither a family member nor a spouse and some cases a lover too. The basic foundation about good and true friendship is that the parties involved should have similar feelings and affections and in general enjoy each other's companion. If all these mutual conditions are met, then we can say that such friendship is genuine and true.

Apart from the physical, material, emotional or financial benefits that are been derived from true friendship, there are also so many health benefits that can be derived from having friends. From the popular saying that "show me your friend and i will tell you who you are", i have come to conclude that there is no such thing as having a bad friend, because someone can either be a friend or an enemy. If he stops being a friend then automatically he or she has turned out to be n enemy. So, in this post, i am not actually referring to enemies but good friends. It is only from such, you can achieve health benefits from associating with them.

Many of us associate with people, or tend to have friends so that we can have people to spend time with, talk to, have fun with or help us get through the good times and the bad ones. If we should check, we will realise that having friends is more than just companionship. Friends, in general can also have a positive effects on our health. 

Below are some of the health benefits of having friends and how they can affect our lives positively. Read through them, get the main point, and i am sure you will start appreciating your friends the more.

Health benefits of having friends

1. Friends helps to prevent depression
To some people, they may regard this as one of the least surprising among all of the health benefits of having friends. But with fact, it is a common knowledge that if we surround ourselves with good friends we tend to keep our spirit high and they help us in getting through bad and unfavourable times.

2. Friends helps to reduce stress
A good friend is always willing to share your burden, problems and stress. If you should check the way you live your life, you will notice that you enjoy spending time with good friends after a stressful event such as relationship break-up, or after a hard day's work, because your stress levels normally reduce or depreciates anytime you are around your good friend or friends as the case may be.

3. Friends can improve your heart health
Frequent social interactions have been linked to a better heart health. High blood pressure is the key risk factor for heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions, including heart attack and stroke. The good news is that research have suggested that interaction with friends could actually lower your blood pressure.

4. Friends can help reduce the risk of dementia
As we grow older, our brain gets declined, and the risk of dementia increases as the year goes by. However, different studies have shown that if someone is socially active it reduces the risk of losing his or her memory. Cherishing your family and friends even more as one gets older is a great idea to prevent different forms of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease.

5. Friends are capable of boosting your lifespan
One of the amazing health benefits of having friends is that they can boost or increase your lifespan. WebMD shared that a research was conducted and followed 1,500 people over the age of 70 for 10 years. They discovered that people with the strongest network of good friends lived longer than those with the fewest close friends. 

After going through all these benefits, you will discover that it is wise to maintain and keep your good friends because in one way or the other, apart from solving your physical, mental and social needs, they are of immense benefits to your health. Chat with friends, hang out with friends, and most especially share your emotions and feeling so as to reduce depression and stress.
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